LUMILITA is of one of the largest Lithuanian capital LED lighting factories. It is located in Vilnius and is successfully working from 2008. All products are developed, designed and produced in Lithuania.


Only highest quality of product components: diodes (Lumileds), optics (Ledil, Carclo optic) and drivers (Osram, ELT, Helvar, Lumo power supply) are used in luminaires production. Supreme quality of product combined with R&D department – team of Lithuanian physics scientists – and their scientific achievements have given exceptional results for extraordinary, specific and Innovative lighting solutions.


LUMILITA professional lighting product portfolio covers industrial, commercial and living facilities as well as outdoor lighting.


LUMILITA LED lighting solution is:

– always cost effective as LUMO PRO luminaires are extremely energy efficient and are designed with maintenance free concept;

– also sustain healthiness, safety and sense of comfort as LUMO PRO luminaires do not blink, emit constant lighting intensity, qualitatively distribute the light and ensure uniform illumination, have high color rendering and do not contain substances harmful to human health.


We make complete lighting solution customer’s space to illuminate by meeting customer expectations and requirements. We apply a special highest quality optics solution for customer case individually. As each part of the manufacturing process from design works to production is performed exclusively in Lithuania, it gives the possibility to reach us for consultation at any stage of customer’s project.